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No, it's not a porno site. Beans About It is about self- expression and the exchange of ideas, including explorations of everyday life, spirituality and religion, politics, and even eroticism and sexuality. Sort of like an interesting "R" rated movie.

Some people may find some of our material shocking or offensive. If you do not want to view such material, or it is inappropriate to do so, you should leave this site now.

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After a very long time of not updating anything but the Muse section, several things are in the works.

More new material is in development, along with an updated look and more features. No promises about what or when. You'll just see things change from time to time.

Change is good...

If everything goes smoothly, the first change is one you won't see (actually, you might notice that the pages load faster!) - we're moving to a new hosting service - better hosting for less money! If you're looking for someone to host your site, I heartily recommend CornerHost.