Beans About It

Dominick Lee

Hearts Reflection

A Love Story In Rind


Hearts Reflection

A Kiss
An Image that reflects
Velvet light
off the smoothness
of her lips
Her touch
A gateway to long forgotten
Desires only Granted to Lesbians
and Kings

Her skin
Brown Diamond
A tribute to the gods of
Amber and Fire

The covenant of her love
Fantasy recreated
In Emerald Light
sensuality encased in
a smell of Jasmine
and a touch of Poison

I move through these
Entranced, Enveloped
Then shattered by the sheer
of unresolved passion

But, then rapture turns into reality
unrelenting truth into pain
Then tears

Her death, has left me
A clairvoyance of sorts
the curse to look beyond the grave

And gall in love
with a ghost
Who's soul I cannot possess
And who's haunted specter
shall hold me in its Embrace
for Eternity

A Love Story In Rind

Morning behind the mist
unseen faces open
The door to a dream
A place has been found
for dreamers,
A place for ones hat
find crystal flowers a release
from the thorns of a rose.

I wait for a touch from a
firefly a burning of truth,
A reason to place my soul in
the core of a star
Then fly away
I know that I am a
that dreams are made
for lovers & fools
would I be so insolent
to think of myself as

For only Fools can be inspired
to look for love
and only lovers
would dare to
Be fools

So touch my core if you dare
but recognize the fact

That behind the mist and the
we are all lovers
and fools

Riding the crescent of a dream