Beans About It

Iris Berman

The Peach

The Raging River

The Gun


The Gun

His head echoes
with the rage around him
Video games, tapes
action movies, CD's, radio,
and TV
following him around
like a lost cause

the neighborhood, the schools,
his family
keeping him at a distance

He is pupular
in style
but out of tune
out of time
sitting in his bedroom
way past noon

his anger rankles
he cannot control
everything's spitting and hissing
his classmates, his sister,
the neighborhood dogs
barking and growlling
something is missing
inside his barren soul

will buy his friends
bribe his enemies
but steals small things
from the mall

His parents gave up
they look the other way
there is nothing more to say
Tomorrow is another day

The school does the same
he is swaggering down
their hallowed halls
posting hateful notes all over the place
The police never came
he has done nothing criminal

Finding hate websites
has truly been such fun

Soon he will buy some roses
and a gun.