Beans About It

James Nordlund

The Rainbow's Gift


Painting's music


A Mystery ?


A Mystery  ?

It's been said, the heart must be
As a clay vessel, broken, then
Its contents flow to the ocean.
How about oceans,
Need they be broken by the
37,000 tons of nucleur waste
Dumped in them everyday and
their last 3, of 17 fisheries
Being depleted, for their life
To fly to the heavens?

What of Kosovo, Iraq, Rwanda,
Does our denial of our
Narcissistic nihlism demand
We turn a blind eye to
The cycles of militarism,
That first build up the sides
Needed for war then
dictate one's destruction;
At all life's cost and
Necrophilia's gain?

What of Littleton, do kids need
To be sociologically programmed
By psychic terrorism five years
In advance, to mirror the worst
Of us; in order to further the
Republican conspiracies' making
its mask of morality more
Ornate and profusely adorned?
Aren't the 13 kids killed everyday
By guns too high a price to pay
For the convenience of blinders?
Have we forgotten, it takes
A village to raise a child, and
Biophilia to educate; that
It took a universe to create?

Isn't the salience of social
Division's results to high
A price for our delusions
Of control and hierarchy, and
Will furthering them remedy or
Just delude us more?
Still, the corrupt absolutely,
The technocracies' cults
Of science and greed
Aren't separated from the "state"!
Isn't the extinction of 27,000
Species annually a denial of
Our perdition, and thus
Humanities' further death knell
Ringing now, silently?

Still, what do they say of
Icarus on wing, skybound,
Excess emotion, lack of foresight,
The vanity of youth's folly?
Does death really need
To ride on the young's backs?!
I say, reveal the devil in
His details; yet, judge not.
He was life and, as the caged bird,
He sang, because.