Beans About It

Lou Benjamin



For Keeps



Maxwell's stuck in the CD again-
Such a good place for him,
so long as I can get him to play.
Seems like everything breaks-

Surrounded by stuff to fix.

Wanna wave my hand and fix it all, like it's nothin'
The richest country in the world, and still shit's broken.
Shit breaks, that's the reality;
the myth is having everything working,

like in the state of Pristene-- The land of perpetual bubble wrap.

The candle is brand- new and you don't wanna light it.
The cake looks so good, you can't bring yourself to cut it.
The car only smells new for a couple weeks, and then forget it.
But the thing that I hate most, is:

the first scratch- that first blemish.

The moment when you know it's not new anymore.
The cut that cuts deeper than any other.
You can't drive this car into Pristene,
they'll never let you in--

You've been banished once again.