Beans About It

Hiram Larew

Keep Trying To Tell Him



Ten Years

Foolish as Dawn


Keep Trying To Tell Him

Pretend for a minute
That you're a duck
In muddy water
And that whatever's teasing your legs
Is starting to make you nervous

Pretend that you're around sixty
And you're not so sure if you want to know
What's in the message
Even though someone who's skipping
And smiling
Just handed it to you

Pretend that today you'll have the chance
To say whatever's important
Just before something drags the love of your life
Away feet first
Pretend you know by the woody smell
Out back
That it's now or never.


I don't know about you
But when a leafy branch comes in a window
I love it
Beyond common sense
In fact I love anything that's where
It's not supposed to be
And all the air around it

And what I live for more and more
Are the things that shouldn't happen
My best friend is the uh oh sound
Everyone makes
When a glass breaks
And my hero is whispers

One of these days
What I hope to notice first
Before anything else
Even eyes
Is shoulders
Because just like hills
They make me guess at what
I'll one day know.