Beans About It

Iris Berman


The Raging River

The Gun



IT was the perfect
form and color

Oh so eager
Oh so ripe

I chose it from
the wooden crate
it stood out from
the others

it sang to me

sunlight streaming
across its downy

peaches and cream
peachy keen moment
to savor

The vendor smiled
wrapped it in a special
plastic sack

I couldn't wait
tore the package off
bit into that savory
pulpy mass

it slipped out of my hands
into the street

Beauty lost forever.


The Raging River

I am the rolling river
Hear me sing
My sound is greater than
the rush of the wind
moving through the leaves
and their trees

Slowly, over time
I split
boulders into stones
and those stones into grains
of sand
which sit on the rim
of the chasms I create

See me full of grace
I move swiftly, surely
you can ride my waters
I support the geese
and all the creatures
surrounding me
Hear the birds chirping sweetly
in harmony

But do not cross me
or miss the rhythm of my rapids
For then you become an obstacle
standing in my way
and I will rage and holler
and break you in my sway.